Spend More Time with Your Students and Less Time with Your Forms

Improve Efficiency

"Connecting People, Processes and Systems"
Administrators know that doing more with less is tough. Staying accountable while cutting back is tougher. Improving efficiencies within your current business processes helps ease the pain. Replacing paper-based forms with an electronic alternative eliminates errors and saves considerable time by streamlining and perfecting your business processes. Now is the time to get started with ProcessMaker's Campus© public K-12 solution. Replace Paper-Based Processes.

Save Money

"Less Paper, Less Waste"
Obviously your organization is going to continue to use paper. However, you will see a dramatic decrease in the paper you use. Less paper not paperless, which results in near immediate cost savings. Adding to cost savings is the time you will save not having to track down lost paper-based forms or resubmitting forms with errors. When you get started with ProcessMaker's Campus©, you will immediately increase the productivity of your staff and improve the quality of service you provide your students.

Simple To Use

“Easier Than Online Banking or Shopping”
Designed for the casual end user, Campus© is easy to use for all members of your staff. Change management is an important element of any introduction to newtechnology. Deploying an intuitive and easy to use application helps ensure its end users remain motivated and enthusiastic regarding its use and helps promote a positive work experience.
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